Each packet has 3 sticks totalling in weight between 18g


 Smoke is known as an ally that attaches itself to negative energy and carries it to another place. It’s also seen to carry prayers out into the Universe.

Opens communication with the spiritual world, balances the inner self,attracts happiness & calms the mind. Purifies negative energy.Enhances creativity and brings good fortune
The magic is in the alchemical process that happens after the death of a limb or tree. In order for the Palo Santo to gain its healing properties it must die, but not just any death – only a natural death of a wise old limb or tree. The Palo Santo trees live for 80 to 90 years. After this death, the tree must remain in its natural habitat for 4 to 10 years to complete its metamorphosis. Only then do its sacred, medicinal and mystical properties come alive.
Use a candle, match or lighter to ignite your stick of Palo Santo. Hold at about a 45 degree angle pointing the tip down toward the flame. Allow it to burn for about 30 seconds to 1 minute and then blow out. Move about your workspace, home, car, bathroom or anywhere you would like to clear the energy.The glow will end on its own unless you blow on the ember which will keep the smoke going. Palo Santo may be relit many times.

Palo Santo

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