You do not have to be psychic to use a pendulum.
Tap into your intuition & higher self
A tool to help you in questions, decision making, finding lost objects and healing

How to use

1. Make your mind ready – Free yourself of internal and external noise. Relax and focus
2. Position yourself and your pendulum 
3. Program your pendulum’s signals. You only need to do this step once, unless you decide to make changes afterward. Before asking any questions, you must establish signals for each of these answers:
Yes, No, Maybe (more details needed)
4. Verify the signals. To test out the trustworthiness of your programmed signals, ask a couple of test questions.
5. Program your pendulum’s source: Include this step every time you use your pendulum. Establish where the answers will come from. If you skip this step, your pendulum will only access your subconscious mind. You really want it to tap into your intuitive, or higher self. At the beginning of each session, say “I call upon the higher self to answer these questions. I seek only absolutely truthful answers, which are aligned with the highest and greatest good for all concerned.” 
6. Ask your question. Ask questions that can be answered by YES or NO.

Helpful Tips 
1. Relax, enjoy the connection.
2. Be open, neutral and definitely do not try to predict answers. 
3. Be clear in the way you phrase your questions. 
4. Be patient, be present.
5. To get a stronger response, say “respond louder please”or "be more clear".
6. Cup your other hand underneath the point or weight stone to help focus energy.

Rose Quartz angel Pendulum

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